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As Senior Population Swells, State Needs to Lift Moratorium on Adult Day Care

But while the NJ Department of Health and Human Services remains hesitant to allow any new centers to open, the demand in New Jersey for home and community-based long term care services is growing and adult day care is a cost effective option. By Roberto Mu?±iz, President and CEO, The Francis E. Parker Memorial

Learn more, connect with others and get involved.

Learn more, connect with others and get involved. ¬†Affordable housing, job availability, livable wages, food security these are all key pieces to living and aging well in NJ. A recent article in the Trenton Times highlights the struggle of the homeless in accessing services at three key organizations that provide shelter, food and many other […]

Affordable Care Act: Fact 4

Fact # 4: The law will improve care for older adults in other ways besides changes to Medicare.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Facts: Part 2 in a Series

The ACA will reduce Medicare spending growth, extend Medicare solvency and is projected to reduce the budget deficit.

More about NJFA’s 12th Annual Conference!

Offering welcoming remarks at the New Jersey Foundation for Aging‚Äôs conference this year was Patricia Polansky, Assistant Commissioner from the Dept. of Health and Senior Services.¬† We were pleased to have Pat join us and kick off the day! Her remarks began with comments about the budget and fiscal concerns for the State. However, the […]

NJ’s Budget Impact on Seniors

May 26, 2010 New Jersey‚Äôs budget is in the midst of a heated debate. Governor Chris Christie has proposed the new budget and made many cuts. There have been many groups affected by the cuts that have reacted with press releases, meetings and rallies. NJFA and its partners have done much research and speaking out […]

What the budget cuts mean for NJ Seniors

NJFA has been looking at the proposed budget and doing some research with some of our stakeholders. What we’ve found is that there will be some significant impact for NJ’s seniors.