Aging Insights Podcast

The Conversation of Your Life

You can’t always predict when a medical emergency or serious illness will happen and the impact it will have. However, you can prepare ahead for these events by sharing your wishes by talking about what in life matters most to you and finding someone you trust who can speak for you about what care you […]

New & Expanded Programs for Older Adults

The New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state’s largest agency, serving over 2 million New Jerseyans. And its Division of Aging Services administers a large number of programs that make it easier for older adults to live in the community as long as possible with independence, dignity and choice. Join us with […]

The Power of Volunteering

Studies show that volunteering is good for the body and mind, as well as good for the community. Older adults can bring experience, skills and talent as volunteers, and benefit from the social interaction and training opportunities. In our newest Aging Insights, Joyce Campbell (CEO of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen), Lynne Toye (Executive Director, […]

Updates on COVID & the New Vaccine

Four years ago, a new, contagious disease was identified – Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Join Executive Director Cathy Rowe and guest, Dr. Meg Fisher to talk about where we stand today against this disease and the newest vaccine to fight it. Dr. Fisher, Special Advisor to NJ’s Commissioner of Health explains how COVID has changed, […]

A Good Look at Eye Care

Some changes in vison are natural with age, many are not. Loss of vision can impact quality of life, our independence and our self-confidence. It’s important to learn what can be done to help you maintain the best vision possible. Don’t let the fear of going to the doctor or outdated perceptions of eye care […]

Listen Up NJ! An Honest Talk About Hearing Loss

Ignoring hearing loss does not make it go away. Join retired social worker Pearl Feder and author Arlene Romoff to learn from their professional and personal experiences on how you can stay connected and engaged with technology, skills and support.

Financial Planning for a Longer Life

The good news is, we are living longer. The other news is, we have to plan for how to remain financially secure for a longer life. Join us as financial planner Jim Parks walks through the important thing to consider as you plan for a long and secure life.

Episode 16: FallProof!

Falling is one of the scariest words for older adults. It conjures up fear of declining health, injury and a slippery slide towards losing independence. But it does not have to be that way. Join us to learn about replacing the fear of falling with tools for fall prevention. In this episode, we talk about […]

Episode 15: Travel After 60

Traveling is back! It has been 3 long years since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most traveling. Now as the world is opening up again, it is time to think of where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Join us with guest Tyler Sajacz, a veteran of the travel […]

Episode 14 – GetSetUp New Jersey!

Learn about this new program offered to all NJ residents over 60 by the NJ Division of Aging Services with Deputy Division Director of the Division of Aging Services, Melissa Chalker, MSW. To support older residents, promote aging well and fight the challenges of social isolation the Division of Aging services has partnered with GetSetUp […]