Aging Insights Podcast

Episode 11 Multi-Dimensional Wellness in Older Adults

Over the past 2 years, we have learned and witnessed the importance of mental health and emotional well-being. The generation that is now retired – the “great generation” or the boomers – are often not used to or comfortable talking about mental health. But as we are living longer than ever before, more attention is […]

Episode 10 – Bringing Back the House Call

Physician house calls and home visits are on the rise – along with in home dental services. Join us with guests Dr Evan Rubin, from Visiting Physicians Services and Dr Lindsay Rubin from Dental Home Services to learn about the complete range of services they offer patients in the safety and comfort of their home.  […]

Episode 9 – Driving Safer, Better & Longer

Driving is important and emotional. While families might threaten to take away an older adult’s car keys, there are many strategies to help people drive safely as they age. Listen to learn about tools, devices, classes and strategies that enable older adults to maintain their independence while driving safely.

Episode 8 – Learn About Life-long Learning!

Lifelong learning is more than taking a class or reading a book. Lifelong learning is a guide and a strategy to age well with benefits for the mind, memory, physical health, social well being and builds community. Many studies show the importance and relevance of a quest for learning and curiosity at any age. In […]

Episode 7 – NJ Visitors & Volunteers – Connect with Your Cultural Community

Its summer and the arts and cultural scene is back! Learn what is new and renewed in NJ and how our cultural community is open for visitors as well as volunteers. Join NJAAW’s Executive Director Cathy Rowe as she talks to Lynne Toye, Executive Director, NJ Arts & Culture Renewal Fund at the Princeton Area […]

Episode 5 – Meet the Freewalkers as They Walk Across New Jersey

We have all heard that walking is good exercise at any age, but it can have multiple rewards for older adults such as improved cardiovascular health and bone density, lowering blood sugar, and positively impacting mental health.  Meet the Freewalkers who have taken endurance walking to a whole new level as they walk across towns, […]

Episode 4 – Goals of Care and National Heath Care Decisions Day

April 16 is National Health Care Decisions Day? Have you determined your health care wishes? And have you shared them with those closest to you and your health care practitioners? In this podcast, host Dr. Cathy Rowe is joined by Tracy Grafton, a geriatric social worker and a board member of New Jersey’s Goals of […]

Episode 3 – Coming Back After COVID: NJ Arts and Culture Renewal Fund

How did The Garden State take care of the arts, one of its most prized sectors, during the COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020 and the gradual reopening efforts of 2021? In this podcast, Lynne Toye, the inaugural executive director of the NJ Arts and Culture Renewal Fund, joins host Dr. Cathy Rowe to detail what her group […]

Episode 2 – Bonus Guided Meditation with Guest Mary Flett, PhD.

Meditation can inject far-reaching and long-lasting physical and psychological benefits into our daily lives. Advantages include decreased stress, improved brainpower, sharper focus and a calming effect on our minds. It’s something anyone can do. But not everyone knows how. In this short podcast, Mary Flett, anationally-acclaimed clinical psychologist and the executive director of the Center […]