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The 2010 Census is Coming!

The 2010 Census is Coming

What you need to know and Why you should care

 The 2010 Census questionnaires, a 10 question form, will be mailed to all households in the United States in March. By constitutional mandate, the Census is done every 10 years and has been done that way since 1790. The questionnaires are meant to capture data on all persons living in the United States, regardless of citizenship or documentation. The Census Bureau does not share the data collected with law enforcement, immigration, or other agency. Your privacy is important. By law they cannot make the data public for 72 years and they will never ask for your social security number. All census employees take an oath of nondisclosure and are sworn to protect your confidentiality. Violating this oath means a $250,000 fine or 5 years in prison, or both.

To preview the forms visit http://2010.census.gov/2010census/how/interactive-form.php

It is crucial that everyone is counted. Municipalities want to know who is living in their community, how many seniors, and how many children? It is important for several reasons; the census data serves as a basis for congressional districting and the distribution of federal money to the state, county and local governments. It is estimated that this data is responsible for approximately $400 Billion in Federal Aid annually. Congressional districting affects the number of seats NJ will have in the House of Representatives. Federal funding in New Jersey would benefit programs such as, hospitals, senior centers, job training, road, transportation and schools.

The Census Bureau wants to ensure participation by as many people as possible. The questionnaires will be mailed to all households beginning in March. However, it is estimated that as much as 38% of people will not fill them out. In an effort to increase participation, the Census Bureau is looking to hire 1.5 million people at $17.75 an hour, to go those residences that have not responded. These temporary employees called, Enumerators, will try to ensure that forms are being completed. April 1, 2010 is the target date that the Bureau will be looking to receive responses. If you’ve not sent yours in, you can expect to see a census worker at your door starting April 1st through July 2010.

If you want to know more about the 2010 Census visit www.census.gov

If you are interested in one of the temporary, part time positions available visit http://2010.census.gov/2010censusjobs/