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We Want to Hear Your Story

With the release of the New Jersey Elder Economic Security Initiative, we’ve learned that 1 out of 4 New Jersey seniors is living solely on Social Security, which makes it difficult to afford their basic expenses. Information in the Elder Index, indicates that it’s not your fault. If you or a loved one find yourself having a widening gap between your income and your expenses, we’d like to know about it.

The average Social Security benefit is $14,285 per year, while the average expense in New Jersey for a single elder renter is $25,941. 25 % of NJ seniors are renters, here at the Foundation we’ve heard from some of those seniors and the difficulties they face, but we’d like to know more so we can get the word out about this problem.

Please feel free to submit a comment below, or contact us at office@njfoundationforaging.org, so we can help you tell your story. There are public supports that can make a difference, telling your story can help others.