Renaissance Magazine

Summer 2019
Our Last Issue • Taking Time to Care • Tech for Aging • Home Improvement Scams • and more
Spring 2019 Text-Only
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Spring 2019
Tech Trends• Hidden Powers of Aging• Board Members Speak• The Switch to Flip• and more.
Winter 2018
Friendship• When I’m 64• That’s What Friends Are For• LGBT Elders – Meeting Their Needs• and more.
Fall 2018
A New Age for Old Age?• Staying Active• Prescription Drug Program• Radical Age• and more.
Summer 2018
Ideas and Ideals• Cyber Security• Life Conversations• Support Groups• and more.
Spring 2018
NJFA Celebrates 20 Years• Medicare Update• Cafe Connection• Life’s True Treasures• and more.
Winter 2017
Renaissance’s Great Hits. Best of Past Interviews with Extraordinary People • A Change of Heart • Holiday Traditions• The Value of Silence• and more.
Fall 2017
Fall, Time May Fall Back. You Keeping Moving Forward• Medicare Choices• Storm Preparedness• Downsizing VS Rightsizing• and more.
Summer 2017
A Good Read• Why Words Matter• Successful Recovery from Surgery • Taking Control of Diabetes• and more.
Spring 2017
Learning- The Spark that Never Dims with Age• NJ’s Unique History• Looking for Happiness• and more.
Winter 2016
Winter Wisdom• Pro Aging• Take a Walk on the Not So Wild Side• and more.
Fall 2016
Fall Pathways• Navigating Medicare Open Enrollment• Rediscover the Joy of Your Bicycle• and more.
Summer 2016
Summer Vacation• Control Your Diabetes• Senior Farm Market• and more.
Spring 2016
Spring Fever• Medicine Chest Challenge • Brucemania!• and more.
Winter 2015
Learning• Preventing Financial Abuse • Assistive Devices• and more.
Fall 2015
Explore Your Options• Medicare Open Enrollment • Senior Housing• and more.
Summer 2015
Summer Safety• Medicare Savings Programs • The Language of Aging• and more.
Spring 2015
Walking Safely• Smart Driving • Home Modification• and more.
Fall 2014
Laughter • Organization • Fitness • and more.
Summer 2014
Primary Care Innovations • Age vs. Ageism • Seniors and Problem Gambling • and more.
Spring 2014
Medicare and Hospitalization • Safeguarding Against Falls • Sexuality and Aging • and more.
Fall 2013
Yoga • Health and Long Term Care • Maintain a Healthy Brain • A Healthy Outlook • and more.
Summer 2013
Are Processed Foods That Bad? • A Man Who Speaks for Us All • Preventing Financial Abuse • and more.
Spring 2013
Veteran’s Benefits • Seasonal Affective Disorder • Throwing Things Aways • Brain Exercise • and more.
Winter 2012
Comfort Foods • Getting a Good Night’s Sleep • Pleasures of Empty Nesting • Senior Pets • and more.
Fall 2012
New Medicare Issues • Hearing: Out in the Open • Explore NJ Wine Country • and more.
Summer 2012
Support for Caregivers • Music Therapy for Health • Time to Move? • Play Some Pool! • and more.
Spring 2012
Volunteer Tax Help • How To Be a Guardian • Hoarding • Free Audio Books • and more.
Fall 2011
Crime Prevention Tips • Dating • Assistive Technology • Long Term Care Panning • and more.
Fall 2011
Change Someone’s Live • Change Your Holiday Focus • Change From Noise to Silence • and more.
Summer 2011
Transportation Options • Medicare Update • Property Tax Relief • Clear Your Clutter • and more.
Spring 2011
Diabetes: Are You At Risk? • Fitness and Mental Sharpness • Clever Cooking • and more.
Winter 2010
NJFA 2-Tear Report • Nutrition Assistance Programs • Beat Cell Phone Scams • and more.
Fall 2010
Senior Survival Kit • Geriatric Care Management • NJ Master Swimmers • Senior Housing Options • and more.
Spring 2010
Medicare Policy Updates • Retirement Planning Q&A • Roth IRAs • Smart Financial Habits • and more.
Winter 2009
The NJ Elder Index • Identity Theft Quiz • Volunteer Tax Help • Creativity and Aging • and more.
Summer 2009 Special Supplement
Cash in Your Pocket • Global Options • It’s Not Your Fault • and more.
Winter 2008
Special Report: Ten Years and Moving Forward • Volunteerism • Comfort Food • and more.
Summer 2008
Preventing Falls • Still Smoking, At Your Age? • Easy Gardening • Medicaid Annuities • and more.


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