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The painful reality is that older Americans, especially older women, are becoming “invisible” in today’s culture, says researcher Mary Flett, a clinical psychologist. “We can either feel bad about that or find ways to look at it, laugh at it and lighten up about it,” the author, blogger and one-time stand-up comic says.

She can’t wait to show you how.

In this podcast, Flett joins host Dr. Cathy Rowe to discuss the five pillars of aging, which will help you understand the tenets of aging with grace and finesse. Topics include how you can embrace change, access your strength, improve resilience, find more purpose and master emotional economics.

Flett, the executive director of the Center for Aging and Values in California, recently published a three-book series titled “Aging with Finesse.” In addition, she will soon launch an online seminar detailing the five pillars of aging.