NJAAW Housing Series Session 3- “Residential Options”

February 16, 2022


NJAAW Housing Series: Developed to Help Older Adults Plan for the Future

Feb. 16 Session 3, “Residential Options”: After breaking down stereotypes of housing options for retirees, this session defined independent vs. assisted living, skilled nursing, long-term care and the range of options available. Speakers: Harold Colton-Max, Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey; James (Jimmy) Tavormina, Springpoint; Diane Riley, Supportive Housing Association of NJ, Inc.; NJAAW Board Member Carl Archer, Archer Brogan, LLC.


To view the session recording, click here; slide show links are below:

Our thanks to:

Parker Health Group, Inc.  and Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NJ (Raise the Roof Sponsors)

AARP NJ and New Jersey Relay & CapTel  (Build the Walls Sponsors)

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