Technology in Aging Services Series Webinar #1 Serving and Supporting Seniors through Innovative Care & Delivery Models

February 23, 2021

1:00 pm ET - ET

Missed this webinar? Watch the recording here.

Sponsored by Parker Health Care Group, Inc.; presented by NJAAW
Learn how others are serving and supporting seniors through innovative programming models and find out what you should be considering as you plan to provide virtual care, service and engagement opportunities for residents within and outside of your communities.
Ryan Elza, Vice President, Innovation & Technology at Volunteers of America National Services, and Kari Olson, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Front Porch, discuss programs currently underway and lead a conversation about what we all need to be thinking about (broadband infrastructure, smart device selection, training and support, etc.) as this new delivery model takes hold. Moderator: Judy Collett-Miller, Director of Technology Innovation, Parker Health Care Group, Inc.