Learning from COVID-19: Impact on Age-Friendly Communities and Immigrant Families

June 12, 2020


Katie York, Lifelong Montclair
Join us for a discussion of the most pressing issues faced by age-friendly community leaders during the COVID-19 crisis, such as food security and social isolation. Katie will also share how they have addressed these issues with partners who have donated time and resources. As well as discuss how they worked with older residents to determine the best virtual platform for programming resulting in a strong turnout for classes.

Jonelle Rodriguez, American Friends Service Committee
Join us as our presenter discusses the barriers faced by immigrant seniors in accessing need-based services and benefits that can assist in preventing vulnerability. Navigating public benefit systems while adhering to immigration-based policies for these benefits can be a complex process. This presenter will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated this process even further and how service providers can be effective in providing support and guidance.