2020 Policy Webinar Series: How Data Helps Inform Advocacy

October 15, 2020


This webinar shares information about the Elder Index, a tool that measures the income older people need to meet necessary expenses for housing, health care, food, transportation, and other essentials, while staying independent in their own homes. The presenter shared an overview of the Elder Index for New Jersey and how it can be used to measure economic insecurity among older adults. She reviewed data describing the risk of economic insecurity in New Jersey, and differences in that risk across demographic groups and by county. The presenter will offer initial thoughts about the financial impacts of the pandemic for older adults. We closed with a discussion of how the Elder Index can be used by organizations to promote awareness and advocate for older adults who are struggling to get by.

Presenters featured in this webinar are Dennis McGowan, NJ Division of Aging Services and Jan Mutchler of the Gerontology Institute at the University of Mass.